Direct Access

Did you know you do not need a doctor’s prescription to have physical therapy?! That’s right! New Jersey adopted the Direct Access law in 2003, allowing people to seek physical therapy treatment without seeing a physician first. That means you can cut down on your co-pays and the amount of time you wait for treatment!

Do you have a nagging pain that bothers you every time you run? Bike? Squat? Walk too long? Did you “throw your back out” over the weekend? Maybe you just finished a big race and have tight, sore muscles? Or sprained your ankle in your last game? Save time by coming directly into the Recovery Room and we will get you back in gear! You can receive services from us for up to 30 days without a prescription. At this point, we will refer you to a physician if we feel you are not progressing, or communicate with your physician and make recommendations.

We are board certified doctors of physical therapy and will treat your symptoms right away, getting you back on your feet faster. Give us a call today!