Comprehensive Initial Evaluation

performance training

One hour individualized evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

Post-Operative Rehabilitation For All Orthopedic Procedures

Our therapists have many years of experience working with the region’s top orthopedic surgeons. Some of the post-op procedures we treat include:

  • ACL Reconstruction
  • Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Hip Arthroscopy
  • Meniscal Repair
  • Spinal Surgeries
  • Joint Replacement

Injury Rehabilitation

post operative rehab

We treat ALL neuro-musculo-skeletal injuries throughout the body. Some of these conditions include:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Ligament Injuries
  • Stenosis

Selective Functional Movement Assessment™ (SFMA™)


  • The Selective Functional Movement Assessment™ (SMFA™) is a diagnostic system designed to assess the quality of seven cardinal movement patterns that are central to everyday human functioning. Moving the head, reaching, bending forward, bending backwards, twisting, stepping, and squatting are activities that people perform on a daily basis. If the quality of any of these motions is compromised over time, inflammation, pain, and soft tissue damage can result. The SFMA™ is a scientifically validated tool that will enable our physical therapists to identify the underlying cause of these faulty movement patterns and assist them to create a corrective treatment plan. The assessment will identify imbalances, left/right asymmetries, as well as dysfunctions in stability and motor control–all of which could be the cause of current or future problems.
  • Studies show that the biggest predictor of injury is previous injury. The likely reason for this fact is that the underlying cause of the problem was never addressed. The key to curing any musculoskeletal problem and preventing recurrence is an accurate diagnosis. At The Recovery Room, we will get to the heart of the problem. Using a diagnostic system like the SFMA™ allows us to treat the body as a whole, rather than just the isolated injury location. The end result is pain and symptom reduction that lasts.
  • Link to SFMA™ website –

Functional Movement Screen™ (FMS™)

functional movement systems

  • Our therapists are certified to perform this screen which identifies energy leaks in movement patterns to maximize athletic performance and minimize injury risk
  • The Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) is a ranking and grading system designed to screen a series of movement patterns that are essential for normal function. The screen will identify imbalance and asymmetries that may compromise safe participation in sport or exercise. The screen is a valuable prediction tool that is ideally performed prior to engaging in an activity or at the time of physical therapy discharge
  • A recent study was conducted on an NFL Football team to determine whether serious injury could be predicted by preseason FMS™ screening. The study concluded that “if a given individual athlete’s score on the FMS™ was 14 or less (failing grade), their probability of suffering a serious injury increased from 15% to 51%” 1
  • The rehabilitation and fitness professionals at The Recovery Room can effectively screen youth and adult athletes for injury risk, and prescribe the appropriate preventative exercise program. We provide FMS™ screens at our office or at your training facility. The best way to treat an injury is to avoid it all together
  • Link to FMS™ website –

1“Can Serious Injury in Professional Football be Predicted by a Preseason Functional Movement Screen?” N Am J Sports Phys Ther. Aug 2007; 2 (3): 147-158.

Injury Prevention Programs


There is a progressing trend in youth and adult populations towards high levels of exercise and athleticism. This population spends a great deal of time training for their sport or participating in fitness regimens trying to enhance results. At the same time, there is an alarming increase in the rate of sports-related injuries, especially in children. Often times, these injuries are due to poor training methods, overuse, and trauma–with underlying imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns at the heart of the matter. Although pain may resolve with treatment, the true source of the problem may remain, and re-injury is likely to occur. Evidence shows that the biggest predictor of injury is previous injury. At the Recovery Room, we know that the key to successful treatment and prevention is a complete understanding of the unique neuromuscular and biomechanical characteristics of each client. Our goal is to enable you to perform at your maximum capacity while lowering the risk of injury.

Manual Therapy


Each session, our clients will receive hands-on-therapy addressing areas in need

  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Joint mobilization
  • Deep tissue massage
  • IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
  • MFR (Myofascial Release)
  • Neural Mobilization

Kinesiology taping and Strapping

Pre-Game/Event Preparation and Post Game/Event Recovery


Let us help you prepare for, or recover from, a big race or game with manual treatment, stretching regimens, and modalities.