It’s All About Moving Correctly

Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or a busy parent, performing at your best begins with correct movement patterns.

How we move during basic, everyday activities such as stepping, bending, twisting and squatting serves as the basis for more dynamic and athletic maneuvers. As the old saying goes: “you must be able to walk before you can run.” Correcting and perfecting basic fundamental movement patterns creates a solid foundation from which more skilled athletic patterns can be performed. Our bodies our designed to perform within a very sophisticated movement system. The human body is a biomechanical marvel. It is truly a beautiful machine! But, not unlike other high tech pieces of equipment, it must be tuned up and taken care of. Using diagnostic tools like the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment), physical therapists can identify imbalances and asymmetries which can hinder performance and eventually lead to injury.

Knowledge is Power

A thorough assessment can provide a biomechanical road map that can help you to correct imbalances and asymmetries. Recognizing your deficiencies and attacking them headon with corrective exercises and manual techniques can restore this balance. The result is fluid, effortless movement that can be built upon in a safe, progressive manner. As our mantra states: MOVE. PERFORM. EXCEL. Each one must precede the next, and it all begins with movement….

Move. Perform. Excel.

Dr. Dan