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The Recovery Room is not a typical physical therapy center. We are a modern and integrated facility that is staffed with expert clinicians, who will work with you ONE-ON-ONE, to help achieve your goals. Our methods promise to balance the body, optimize movement and promote overall wellness.


We emphasize a hands-on approach that begins with a comprehensive biomechanical assessment. Then we customize an individualized rehab, fitness or sports performance program that is designed specifically for you.


Our highly trained doctors of physical therapy evaluate and treat whole body movements and impairments, not just the location of symptoms.


We collaborate with other fitness professionals to get you back to your desired level of competition so you can perform your best.

Manual Therapy Washington Township NJ

Are you searching for an expert in terms of physical therapy in Bergen County NJ? We’re capable of helping you improve your physical health and performance at Recovery Room Physical Therapy. A functional movement screen is how we’re capable of helping you with this. Our expert therapists are going to identify the areas where you most need improvement, and will create a custom plan just for you. Whether you’re recuperating from a sports-related injury, healing from a surgery, or you simply want to make sure you’re getting the most out of every movement, Recovery Room Physical Therapy is among the best choices you’re capable of making for physical therapy in Bergen County NJ.

Physical Therapy Bergen County NJ

Injury prevention in Bergen County NJ is among our primary points of focus at Recovery Room Physical Therapy because the best way to take care of your body is to make sure injury is prevented from occurring in the first place. Do you want to keep your body in its healthiest state? Despite the fact that we also provide state of the art treatments for surgery and injury recovery, injury prevention is the smartest thing you’re capable of doing.

Physical Therapist Bergen County NJ

When you first start working with Recovery Room Physical Therapy, your physical therapist in Bergen County NJ will first go through a thorough assessment to see what kind of condition you’re in and where you are able to improve. Manual therapy is something many athletes and other individuals substantially benefit from. However, many other methods of physical therapy are offered, such as kinesiology. Are you a devoted athlete? Most likely you have either heard of kinesiology or have known someone who has benefitted from it. When it comes to tired muscles or even minor injuries, this is a kind of injury prevention and recovery method which is perfect. To help boost your performance when you’re in need of it the most, kinesiology will help.

Physical Therapists Washington Township NJ

When you need effective help from a physical therapist in Bergen County NJ, be sure you choose that offers a full range of inclusive therapy alternatives if you’re considering physical therapy. Many people find themselves stuck in limited routines when it comes to physical therapy. Specially tailoring each physical therapy plan to your individual requirements is what we are all about at Recovery Room. Part of how we accomplish this is by utilizing a selective functional movement assessment. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you’re utilizing the best form and technique to both increase your performance and protect yourself from injury, this comprehensive assessment is a great way to find out. As your physical therapist, we will analyze your movements, assisting you in identifying and addressing weak points which are leading to decreased performance and potential injuries. When you need physical therapists near Washington Township NJ, there’s no one else you need to call.

Physical Therapy Center Bergen County NJ

As a top choice for a physical therapist in Bergen County NJ, we can help athletes with pre and post-game physical therapy. If you are an athlete, you understand the significance of warming up and cooling down. Get the most out of your warmup with pre-game physical therapy. To prevent sprains and pulls, you can learn the best means of warming up your muscles. Post-game physical therapy is equally as essential, and you are able to learn the best techniques for your body and sport at Recovery Room Physical Therapy. Recovery Room Physical Therapy is capable of helping you get started today whether you’re searching for injury rehabilitation or another kind of physical therapy in Washington Township NJ.



Daniel Vidaic


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
megan jurik


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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