Phil P.

After a successful high school and college career as a goalkeeper I was left with great memories, but tremendous knee pain. I was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans with a large defect that needed repair. After receiving microfracture knee surgery in 2011 I was still not healed and had continuous pain. After many months of research to find the best doctors I chose a team who recommended an allograft transplant surgery. Knowing I was going to need a lot of physical therapy post op, I also researched many physical therapists and found Megan Reilly Jurik and The Recovery Room. Before the transplant I contacted and visited Megan to see if it was a good fit. Megan had unbelievable knowledge on the transplant surgery I was having, talked me through the protocol for therapy even before my surgeon spoke to me about it post op, knew my doctors and their work in the field, and put me completely at ease both physically and mentally before my operation. Megan contacted me before, during, and after my surgery to see how I was feeling and also talked me through all the home therapy I needed to complete before I can return to see her. I felt like she was at my house helping me with my continuous passive motion machine, the game ready ice machine, and any questions i had about discomfort or pain. I know I am in great hands for my recovery and highly reccomend her 100%