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The Recovery Room is not a typical physical therapy center. We are a modern and integrated facility that is staffed with expert clinicians, who will work with you ONE-ON-ONE, to help achieve your goals. Our methods promise to balance the body, optimize movement and promote overall wellness.


We emphasize a hands-on approach that begins with a comprehensive biomechanical assessment. Then we customize an individualized rehab, fitness or sports performance program that is designed specifically for you.


Our highly trained doctors of physical therapy evaluate and treat whole body movements and impairments, not just the location of symptoms.


We collaborate with other fitness professionals to get you back to your desired level of competition so you can perform your best.

Physical Therapy In Ridgefield Park NJ

Are you looking for expert injury rehabilitation or prevention from a qualified physical therapist in Bergen County NJ? The answer you have been searching for is Recovery Room Physical Therapy. You don’t want to trust your body to just anyone. It’s essential to find a specialist with a substantial amount of experience that can help you experience the improvement that you are hoping for in your physical condition. As part of our commitment to meeting all your physical therapy needs, we specialize in a wide variety of types of therapy. Don’t make the mistake a large number of people make and end up simply putting up with your chronic pain. When you’re in need of a top choice for physical therapy in North NJ get in touch with us at Recovery Room Physical Therapy instead.

Physical Therapy Northern NJ

When local residents are looking for a physical therapist in Bergen County NJ, going with the first option they see is common. However, this isn’t necessarily the best course of action. Your body is important. This is why someone who is going to be capable of supplying you with the appropriate attention is what you deserve. Sometimes you may discover that a physical therapist will rush you through exercises and fail to give your individual needs the appropriate attention, or even become frustrated when you feel unable to perform tasks as directed. Making Recovery Room Physical Therapy your top choice means that this isn’t something you’ll need to concern yourself with. We’re dedicated to serving the requirements of our patients as individuals. When it comes to guaranteeing a quick and effective recovery, or in some cases the prevention of future injuries, we go above and beyond. This is why so many local residents continue to rely on us for physical therapy in Bergen County NJ.

Physical Therapist Bergen County NJ

Your recovery is not just going to be up to us as physical therapists in Bergen County NJ. This is considered a team effort, meaning you’ll need to do your part as well. Our expert physical therapists will come up with an exercise regimen which is going to be customized to match your particular needs and your condition. When performed at home these exercises can complement your sessions in our center and make for a recovery that’s capable of being achieved more quickly. The body has an impressive ability to self heal, but it calls for a commitment to unlocking this potential with the right approach. We take a holistic approach at Recovery Room. We strongly believe that rather than simply concentrating on the part of your body which has been injured, taking at the larger picture is essential. Our dedication to improving the lives of our patients is what led us to create our center as a space where you can pursue optimal health. If you’re in need of physical therapy in Bergen County NJ and want to learn what we are all about, all you have to do is contact us today to make an appointment.

Physical Therapists Bergen County NJ

You may not realize how many kinds of conditions can be treated with effective physical therapy in Bergen County NJ. All you have to do is contact us today if you are interested in learning more.



Daniel Vidaic


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
megan jurik


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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