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The Recovery Room is not a typical physical therapy center. We are a modern and integrated facility that is staffed with expert clinicians, who will work with you ONE-ON-ONE, to help achieve your goals. Our methods promise to balance the body, optimize movement and promote overall wellness.


We emphasize a hands-on approach that begins with a comprehensive biomechanical assessment. Then we customize an individualized rehab, fitness or sports performance program that is designed specifically for you.


Our highly trained doctors of physical therapy evaluate and treat whole body movements and impairments, not just the location of symptoms.


We collaborate with other fitness professionals to get you back to your desired level of competition so you can perform your best.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation Wood-Ridge NJ

Kinesiology, the study of bodily movement, is something our professionals at Recovery Room Physical Therapy in Bergen County NJ have great deal in. Specific dysfunctional body movements are capable of resulting in a person being predisposed to injury, or are capable of contributing to issues with chronic or acute pain. To identify these kinds of patterns, our physical therapy specialists are going to extensively work with you on a one-on-one basis and use all of our knowledge and skill. Ascertaining the source of the discomfort is the first order of business for Dr. Daniel Vidaic and Dr. Megan Jurik. As soon as this has been done, a plan of physical therapy interventions can be developed that optimize their patients’ range of motion, balance their musculoskeletal alignment, and promote wellness and health. Are you looking for post-operative physical therapy or sports injury rehabilitation and need a physical therapy center in Wood-Ridge NJ you’re able to count on to offer the help you require? We offer the newest interventions to restore you to health and ease pain.

Physical Therapy Bergen County NJ

When you’re in need of an experienced physical therapist in Bergen County NJ you have come to the right place. Both Dr. Vidaic and Dr. Jurik completed extensive training so they can offer Functional Movement Screenings and Selective Motion Assessments. Clinical research has shown that seven key patterns of movement are associated with musculoskeletal pain, that are assessed during these evaluations. The experts at the Recovery Room Physical Therapy Center are able to develop treatments which specifically address the cause of an individual’s discomfort at its source by pinpointing an individual’s movements. While both Selective Motion Assessments and Functional Movement Screenings evaluate the same seven patterns of movement, Selective Motion Assessments concentrate more on orthopedic issues. If you are looking for an expert physical therapist in Wood-Ridge NJ take advantage of the experience of our specialists.

Physical Therapist Bergen County NJ

Studies show that if you are concerned about athletic injury prevention, taking part in pre and post game therapy from an expert physical therapist in Bergen County NJ is absolutely essential. This category includes treatments such as manual therapy. Pre-game physical therapy helps both professional and amateur athletes avoid injury by increasing their strength, maximize their range of motion, and improve their balance and agility. Post-game physical therapy reduces the time muscles need to recover, thus minimizing the soreness which is capable of leading to bracing and other dysfunctional movement patterns. Are you interested in finding out more about injury rehabilitation and pre and post game physical therapy in Wood-Ridge NJ? Simply speak to a knowledgeable and friendly member of our staff by getting in touch with us at Recovery Room Physical Therapy today.

Physical Therapists Wood-Ridge NJ

When it comes to physical therapy in Bergen County NJ the experts at the Recovery Room use their skills and expertise in kinesiology to set the bar for excellence by providing extremely individualized care. Our physical therapy center is equipped with the most cutting edge physical therapy tools and equipment to ensure our patients’ comfort and safety. Also, injury rehabilitation using physical therapy interventions can eliminate the requirement for invasive treatments and addictive opioid pain medications. Our physical therapy experts offer services that patients both young and old can take advantage of. When you are looking for physical therapy in Wood-Ridge NJ and would like to learn more about the services we provide or schedule a Functional Movement Assessment, all you’ve got to do is contact us today.



Daniel Vidaic


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
megan jurik


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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